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Our Fishing Reports

Lake Tahoe Fishing Report Eagle Point Sport Fishing

Date: July 11- Aug- 14 Location: Lake Tahoe Time Observed: 5 hour morning trips Report: Hello anglers its been about a month since our last report fishing on Tahoe has been outstanding since we reported last and we are really looking forward to this years spawn as we are already seeing a record breaking season for larger Mackinaw Lake Trout! We have been sticking with the jig in waters between 150 and 230 feet as it is producing good quality fish between 3-6 pounds with several fish over 10 pounds in just the last 30 days, incredible! The Salmon are here but we are focusing on the lager Mac’s at his time. Capt. James is anticipating a good late salmon run that has just begun on the jig. Yesterday 8-13-16 was the first real attempt made at jigging for the salmon after catching limits of Mackinaw with 2 anglers we capped off our 5 fish limit in about 45 minutes. To make reservations with Eagle Point Sport Fishing and get in on some of the words finest alpine lake fishing in the world please call us at 530-577-6834... read more

Lake Tahoe Fishing Report

Date: Last 2 weeks July Location: Lake Tahoe Time Observed: 5am Trips Report: The very first 4 days of July the Lake Trout “Mackinaw”fishing was outstanding on Tahoe. Capt. James and his party of 4  landed 22 Mac’s on the morning of the 4th alone, we released many and kept enough for dinner. The fishing did slow down for a few days 5,6,7 of July mostly due to the fish getting spooked by the firework show and boat traffic on the lake, on the 8th the bite cam back to normal and we are again landing 10-20 fish a trip. We are anticipating the salmon to arrive soon as we are beginning to see small schools arrive and more by the day. Here are some pictures of the average fish being caught currently. From the 8th and 9th! To book your Lake Tahoe fishing adventure please contact Eagle Point Sportfishing @ 530-577-6834.... read more

June Fishing Lake Tahoe

Date: Last 2 weeks of June 2016 Location: Lake Tahoe Time Observed: Morning Trips 5am-10am Report: The last two weeks of June were outstanding fishing on Lake Tahoe. Many double digit fish have been landed on the south shore of Tahoe. Limits of Mackinaw ranging from 2-6 pounds jigging in waters 150-200 feet. To make reservations please call us at 530-577-6834 to book your 2016 Lake Tahoe fishing experience.    ... read more

Weekend Fishing Lake Tahoe

Date: 6/3/2016 —6/4/2016 Location: Lake Tahoe South Shore Time Observed: 5:00 am 10:00 am Water Conditions: Calm Report: Fishing was OUTSTANDING last weekend! Jeff, Benny, and George booked the weekend and fished with Captain James of Eagle Point Sport Fishing 6-3-16 and 6-4-16 in search of the BIG ONE. On Saturday we fished for approximately 4 hours landing limits of some very nice fish and had a great dinner. Sunday we released all the fish that we caught including a beautiful 11.10 lbs Mac that Benny was fortunate enough to hook up. ” We did it!” said Jeff who fishes with Eagle Point 4-5 times a season with family and friends ” We set out to get a double digit Mac and we did it!” Pictures say a thousand words click on them for larger image, we will leave it at that. Book your trip today by calling... read more

Lake Tahoe Fishing Report-Fishing Charters Tahoe

Date: May Location: Lake Tahoe South Shore Time Observed:5:30 am – 11:00 am Water Conditions: Varying conditions Report: The last 2 weeks on Lake Tahoe, Family owned and operated Eagle Point Sport Fishing has been fishing everyday that the weather allows. We are jigging for Lake Trout (Mackinaw) landing on average 10-20 fish a trip between 2-6 Lbs. and awaiting the return of the Kokanee Salmon. We should start seeing the salmon in the next few weeks as some have already been caught out in deep waters around 25 feet down. When the salmon do return we will be fishing for both the Kokanee and Mackinaw. Here are a few pictures from a couple trips this week. To make reservations give us a  call at 530-577-6834. Special mentions to Craig who fished with us this week, if you enjoy Vodka you need to try @RocketVodka Craig & Kristen nice! Nice fish Kelly! Chris, Kelly, And Ben Also Ben  @Nu-Turf, they specialize in artificial grasses and turfs that look great and of course save water. You can find them at read more

Lake Tahoe Fishing Report May 7 – May 15, 2016

Date: May 7 – May 16 Location: Lake Tahoe Time Observed: Morning and Afternoon Water Conditions: Calm – Breezy Report: Fishing has been really good-great this last week on lake Tahoe with Eagle Point Sport Fishing. We have been landing limits of Lake Trout 2-7 lbs, and creating some great life long memory’s. Thanks you to all of our guests for fishing with Eagle Point Sport Fishing, Lake... read more

Lake Tahoe Fishing Report

Date:05/06/16 Location: South Shore Lake Tahoe Time Observed:6:00 am Water Conditions:Variable Report:  Had an amazing time with this family today the kids did a great job hanging in through the rain and cold temperatures, landing a nice limit of Lake Trout. We even got to see a spectacular rainbow near the end of the... read more

Fishing Report

Date: 4/23/16 Location: Lake Tahoe Time Observed: 12:00 pm Water Conditions: Calm/Glass Report: Eagle Point Sport Fishing located in beautiful Lake Tahoe had a terrific day yesterday fishing with 5 guests that have been fishing with Eagle Point Sport fishing for over a decade. Limits of lake trout for all 5 anglers ranging form 2-6 lbs. Jigging in waters between 130 and 150 feet. Book your spring or summer fishing trip today by calling 530-577-6834 Thank you, Eagle Point... read more

Eagle Point Sport Fishing Report Lake Tahoe 09-12-15

Date: 09-12-2015 Location: South Shore Lake Tahoe Time Observed: 5am-10am Water Conditions:Glass Report: The Mackinaw bite has really been something this last week and a half. Limits of Mackinaw ranging from 4-8 pounds have been being caught consistently. Jigging with a 3oz Blade Runner Squid teamed up with a minnow on shank hook has been the ticket! Fishing waters between 130-230 ft. Nice bags of fish have also been landed on the troll targeting fish that are suspended out in deeper waters. The Mackinaw are beginning to build their spawn beds, and they are gathering together in masses! The Salmon are also going strong, average sizes 12″ to 15″ Here are some pictures from 09-12-2015, the trip, the catch, and the platter of fish cooked the same day! Good fishing to all, Eagle Point Fishing Charters Lake... read more

Lake Tahoe producing limits and some Big Mac’s

Water Conditions: The lake was a little breezy this morning and cold before the sun came up around 38 degrees. Was glad to have layers on this morning, was able to keep warm enough too fish!

Report: Captain James of Eagle Point Sport Fishing Lake Tahoe had clients cancel last minute so he decided too go fishing anyways for a few hours, since he was up at 3:30 am anyway.

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